Damn Dani and her losing streak! Her brand of magic is quite powerful… Darlin’, maybe you should root for the other teams so our boys can win… I’m just sayin’. (You know I love you and am only kidding… maybe. LOL!)

I guess I should explain, huh? On Tuesday night, Dani and I decided that we needed some girl-bonding time over my favorite sport – hockey. While I *heart* hockey (and I *heart* my boys, the Washington Capitals, even more), I haven’t made it to any games this season. I just haven’t had any time. Now, up until this point, every game that I’ve been able to attend has been a winner for the boys… which meant that I had an unbroken winning streak. I thought that those odds would be good when compared to Dani’s famous losing streak for teams… and until Tuesday, it was. Damnit. At least it was a good game – after the first period – however the fight that broke out 8:07 into the first period was pretty fab! I must say that the Bruins seemed to have it out for my new favorite boy, Ben Clymer (aka Slimer). (He’s no FutureBabyDaddy, but he can be my personal fave for now. Freakin’ Dallas Stars webpage doesn’t have a link to his profile!!!) Some pics from the other night…


Dani pre-game…

Just before the first fight…

What? Doesn’t everyone carry yarn and knitting in their purse for something to do between periods?

Go Olie!!

Of course, as we left the Verizon Center, we discovered it was snowing… which made the walk off the Metro platform at King Street quite interesting. We were slipping and sliding all around! There’s just something that makes snow seem so magical as it’s falling. It just feels all new and makes me feel like a little kid again. So, we pulled out cameras and started taking pictures. (Luckily, Dani took none of me while I was walking around trying to catch snowflakes on my tongue.) If you want to see the pictures, I’m putting them in after the bump. Consider this a makeup for all the pictures I haven’t posted for Project 365 (or is 365 Project? I can never remember).