I put down a deposit on an apartment this morning. An apartment of my very own. While this may not be such a big deal to most, it’s definitely a big deal to me. I’ve always lived with someone… my parents, roommates, boyfriends. I’ve never had a place of my own. A place to furnish as I like, where I can watch whatever the hell I want, cook whatever the hell I want. A place to come and go as I please. I’ve finally taken that step into adulthood. Which is kind of scary, but very exciting.

After giving them my check and setting up my appointment to sign my lease (Monday the 26th at 3pm, if anyone cares), I took a second look at the apartment. I love it. I’m so excited to move in – despite the fact that every two seconds, I remember something else I need. (However, the yarn storage is perfect – the closet I designated for it is much bigger than I thought. *phew*) So, to celebrate, I drove down to IKEA, because I have no furniture. (Long story… suffice it to say that an ex was involved in that.) I actually walked out of there with nothing, but I took a ton of notes (and possibly a couple of pictures of how I want something to look). IKEA is a freakin’ dangerous place to be if you KNOW you are going to need something.

Yes, there is more to update on, but as it’s almost 1.30 in the morning, I’ll save it all… all about the "helpful girl", the fab night of poker I had, the fab call with Poker that I had…