Okay, small rant ahead… Will someone please tell me WHY on Earth my insurance company – which will only make me pay $15 on prescriptions filled with generics – won’t pay more for something like BIRTH CONTROL???? You know, a preventative for the whole, getting pregnant (if I were having sex, but that’s something else), making them pay a hell of a lot for that and creating a need for them to pay out more for prescriptions and doctors visits? Why in the hell should a visit to the pharmacy to pick up only two months worth of BC at a time (b/c they refuse to allow the pharmacy to dispense it a quarter-year at a time) cost me $80 FUCKING DOLLARS??? $40 a month to ensure I don’t get pregnant by my choice of BC? Yes, I know, the Pill is much more cost-effective – and hell, I could pay less out-of-pocket for it, but then that relies on my remembering to take it… and that’s just not a good equation. I’m just sayin’. I am pissed. I will be calling someone at Aetna in January to complain about this. Not that they’ll actually listen or do anything about it. Fuckers.