I decided that after the night I had (don’t worry, I’ll explain later), that I needed to pour a glass of wine… then I decided that I wanted to bake. I don’t get the urge to bake too often, so I decided to indulge. All I have to say about it was DAMN, THEY WERE GOOD! It totally made up for a crap night. And can I talk about how pretty they look just in the pan? I was proud of the artisticness of the caramel on top (hey, I made leaves!)… although even if the caramel wasn’t so artistic and pretty, it would still be uber-yummy. Because all things in this world can be solved with a combination of chocolate, caramel and a glass of shiraz. (Walnuts are optional… I opted in.)

Now, onto the night I had. (I’m warning you, this is a bit whiny.) You know when something that’s really small and insignificant in the grand scheme of things just seems huge? That was me tonight. I came home, really wanting a bottle glass of wine, and found out that the lone wine glass left from a pair that was given to me 5 years ago was broken. Irreplaceable. The stems had been handpainted just for me. When the first glass broke about 2 years ago, I was heartbroken, but I knew I had the other. So when I came home tonight and learned that the other had been broken this afternoon, I was crushed. So, pissed, I went out to Crate & Barrel and purchased two new red wine glasses – they were pretty, plain… yes, you read that correctly. I said "were". (No, I actually didn’t have any other wine glasses available… I had a couple of champagne flutes, but they don’t hold that much liquid. Really.) No lie, I wasn’t home for an hour – I had washed the glasses and had them out to dry – when I heard glass shatter. I raced into the kitchen and saw that the stems of one of the new glasses was now broken. In my anger, I tossed the rest of the stem and the bowl into the garbage – but missed the bin. So now I had shards of shattered glass all over my kitchen floor. Which sent me into hysterics. Which made me contemplate opening the bottle of wine and just drinking straight from it. I opted for a bit of civility and used the only non-broken wine glass. After 3 brownies and a couple glasses of wine, I’m much calmer now. And I’m putting the brownies away. Possibly taking them to work tomorrow. Just so I don’t eat them all.

Not much has been going on on the boy front. I finally got an email from Poker, which made it hard to continue to be mad at him. He’s just too darn cute – both in person and in his writing. Damn him. LOL. Of course, he’s doing that thing where he’s taking his time responding… but I’m used to that by now. (Yes, Elspeth, I know you think I’m way too nice about this. Hee!) And I’ve been hearing way too much from B, but always on his terms, and almost always via text. *le sigh* Why is it that the one you really want to hear from is always quiet and the one that you’re lukewarm about is the one contacting you, albeit half-assedly? Boys are just special. (I’m not sure if they’re more "short bus" or "don’t eat the paste" special, though… anyone want to chime in on that? That could be a post for another time.)