I feel like a leper. Mostly because I look like one right now. (Hey, lucky for me my trip to NYC to see Poker was last weekend, right?) Why do I look like a leper, one might ask…. well, apparently bug bites and my body just don’t get along. Yup, I’m having an allergic reaction to them and have been since Tuesday. So, my week has mostly been crap. (Well, not work-wise… but that’s another story, hee!) Even the Atarax I’m on to help with the itching isn’t helping… and isn’t making me sleepy either (damn the fucking insomnia!). Damn. So with the itching and the looking like a leper (okay, so the spots on my face look better today, just like I broke out into some major spots), I’m having a pity party. *sigh*

So, here I sit, late at night, watching a show on the Discovery Channel on NASA’s reentry into space flight after the Columbia disaster. Not everyone knows that growing up, I wanted to be an astronaut. So, whenever I see a special come on about the space program (or movie, documentary… whatever), I’m parked in front of my TV, watching. Which brings some brightness into my day – that and hanging with some fab friends this week. 🙂

Okay, pity party over. While I still have a huge case of insomnia and the program is now over, I’ll spend the next hour or so catching up on shows on TWOP and watching Clerks. (I *heart* Kevin Smith. I have a secret crush on him. Wait, maybe it’s not so secret anymore. Shhhh! Don’t tell him!) I can never stay in the pity party mood while watching that movie. *grin*