…and I’m okay with that. Yup, Poker has discovered my blog. It happened the other night while we were having one of our marathon phone sessions – he discovered that I did not have a Friendster page, I told him I had a MySpace page… and he found the links from there. I didn’t really believe that he was looking at my MySpace page until he started to read the blurb I have on there. Then he started to read from here. When he realized that I was getting a bit self-conscious, he stopped and told me that if it bothered me, he wouldn’t read this again. I’m totally cool with him reading this (and I love the fact that he offered to stop if it was bothering me) – I just get a bit self-conscious about people reading things that I’ve written with me either in front of or on the phone with them.

So anyway, it ended with me reading to him (most of) what I’ve written in the past couple of entries. Which he thought was cute. Which might have been fueled by glass #2 of wine. For anyone who might be wondering (especially after that post I wrote last week), I won’t be editing myself on here. He knows that and is okay with that. I’ve told him to feel free to comment on something I may have written (or will write) about him – but he knows that this is my blog and I’ll say what I want. Schmoopy stuff and all. LOL. 

So with only 4 days until I leave for London and Paris, I definitely won’t be seeing him before this trip, but perhaps when I get back? We were both joking that it was 4 months before we saw each other again the last time and it’ll probably be two months this time. Following that schedule, it should be a month for the next time and 2 weeks for the time after that? You know, if we were actively trying to halve the time between each visit. 😉 No, hopefully I’ll see him when I get back and once or twice in October. (It really helps when you write the schedule and have people willing to help you out in that endeavor.) I mean, I’ll need to know if I’m just going to be wearing my Halloween costume around here or up there. (I mean, if I’m going to be a Catholic schoolgirl, it won’t be much fun without a priest – oooh, or a nun – following me… I’m just sayin’.)