Four days. That’s all I have left before I get on a plane and head to London. And Paris. Four days before my brand-new passport gets some stamps and can no longer be considered brand-new. Four days. I might be getting a bit excited about this, can you tell?

This will be my first trip outside of the US in any way, shape, or form. I’ve never been to Canada (that’s just Northern US, right?) or Mexico (well, I’ve been to Northern Mexico… oh, no, wait, that was Southern California). I’ve never been to Hawaii, I’ve never been to the Caribbean. My first trip is going to be to a couple places I have dreamed of going since I was a little kid. How freakin’ cool is that? I’m so excited that I don’t even care that is predicting rain in London every single day that I’m there.

Of course, that does present a bit of an issue as to what to pack. I’m waiting for the Packing List Queen to forward me her list and I can customize it from there. Dani, where’s my list?????