It’s just 22 days and counting for my trip with Dani to Europe! (Actually I just realized that it’s 22 days on 22 August… I know, not so weird, however, I find it interesting….) I totally, completely, and wholly need this vacation. I don’t really remember the last time I was on vacation for just pleasure. The trip to LA in February does not count as a vacation. It had another term. And it wasn’t all that, either. Actually, that reminds me… B called me the other week. Does he not get a clue?  *sigh* He was asking all about my trip and how I was going to have so much fun. Which I agreed with, of course. He didn’t understand how I would possibly even think that I’d love London more than Paris – hell-oooo, I’m a huge Anglophile and have been dreaming of visiting London for years! Then his phone mysteriously broke while I was telling him that I was so happy to be travelling with a close friend rather than a boy for this trip. I mean, it’s my first trip to Europe! Hell, it’s my first trip out of the United States! I’m making sure I have a damn good time. Which I know I’m going to have with Dani. I’ll have a hell of a lot more fun with her than with a guy.

So anyway, he texts me the next day telling me that he broke his phone and he was really enjoying talking to me. Whatever. Actually, I was reading a blog today and came across this post. Actually, it was really just one line that really spoke to me:

Next point…..the text messaging. It’s lazy and it’s a sign of just
how much effort he’s willing to make. If he was really psyched about
meeting you, he’d call you so he could talk to you.

Now, I don’t agree with that statement 100% of the time (b/c sometimes texting can be fun, cute, and a hell of a lot more appropriate – or inappropriate, lol – in some situations), but in the context of that blog post, I certainly do. Which made me think about B… this is completely, totally, 100% appropriate for him. Our "relationship" (as it were) developed into just a random texting – after a while, we never called, just texted. Which is why, when he called the other week, I was so shocked that I answered my phone.

At the risk of comparing the two, Poker actually calls. And I look forward to them. We talk for hours (literally) about everything and nothing. From where the closest Five Guys is to him (apparently in CT or NJ – both too far for dinner at the office), to our families, to who we think will survive in HP’s Book 7. He calls just to say hi and we wind up talking for 2 or more hours. While he’s not so great on the emailing, he calls. 🙂 His #1 reason for coming down to DC before meeting me was visiting his friends’ place for poker games. They’ve moved back to NYC and he’s still looking for some time to come to DC and see me. (Of course he has said that he wouldn’t mind playing a game or two at Ann‘s… but not on the first trip. That one’s all mine. LOL!) We’ve caught ourselves talking about doing things in the future – then trying to backtrack quickly. 🙂 For instance, Halloween. He told me about a party one of his friends has and that he went as a monk last year. I started teasing him how I could show up in a Catholic schoolgirl uniform (since he teased me about that the night we met) and he said only if he could dress like a priest. The other night we were talking and I said that I was knitting something that he may see someday. He instantly asked if I was knitting a Halloween costume. I said that I might be knitting part of one. We left it at that. Neither of us were assuming anything, but it seemed that we weren’t dismissing it either. Not a bad start, right?

Anyway, with less than a month out, I’ve got to start thinking about what to pack. I know, it’s a bit early, but hey, if it makes me happy, right? I won’t get much of a chance to do any thinking about it this week, though. I won’t be home from work before 8.30-9pm any day this week, save Saturday. Must remember to leave room in the suitcase for purchases and pressies!