We all know that I don’t date all that much – especially since the fiasco of my last date – so when Poker and I were finally able to make plans, I was reasonably nervous. I know, y’all are like, "what? When did she and Poker start trying to make plans? When did they start talking?" LOL.

Shortly after that poker night I went to where I met Poker, we started emailing. Sort of. He’d email, I’d respond, he’d take his time getting back to me, then apologize for taking so long, I’d respond… and the cycle continues. When another poker night was brought up for this past Saturday, I knew I wouldn’t be able to go (I had plans to go celebrate my birthday with friends), but I emailed him telling him that while I wasn’t going, I’d love to meet up with him. Pretty forward of me, I thought. (Hey, I can be relatively old-fashioned at times…) He emailed back pretty quickly and asked for my phone number. (FINALLY!) A couple of weeks go by and just when I started to think that he’d forgotten, he calls. We decided that we’d try to meet up Friday when he got in, or Sunday before he left.

So, Friday. Didn’t so much happen. He ended up working late and missing his train… but he called to talk to me. We talked for almost an hour about tons of stuff. While I’m an extremely outgoing person, I’m not the most comfortable on the phone – and just a few minutes into the conversation, we were talking like we’d known each other for ages. A good sign, right? We discovered that we have a lot in common and more that we’d like to learn about each other. I even found out that he’s almost as much of a Harry Potter freak as I am… almost. 😉

Fast forward to Sunday. (I don’t mean to skip over Saturday, but other than mentioning him at dinner with Ebony and Patrick, it has nothing to do with this story…) He called, woke me up, and we decided to try to plan out brunch. All we could agree on was we’d meet outside of the B&N in Georgetown at noon. We both ended up getting there early. (Which, as most of you know is a freakin’ miracle for me!!) While I browsed the magazines at B&N to kill time, Poker was scoping out the neighborhood to find the ideal place for brunch. He’s got some good taste. When we met up, he gave me a big hug and suggested Mie N Yu – the website’s main page has a quote from AOL that calls it the "Best First Date" spot… and they were right. Not that we labelled it a date. LOL. The food was fabulous, the wait staff was just attentive enough to not let our water glasses or coffee press go empty, but they left us to ourselves just to talk.

We shared stupid injury stories, books we love, poker (of course), friends, living in DC/suburbia and NYC, his job, my job… Basically, everything. (He was even a bit flattered that he was a topic of conversation at work – knows that I blog and isn’t bothered by it. He knows I’m blogging this. He’d like this address, he’s not getting it anytime soon. Hee!) We shared food – which is a big thing for me, I think that it says a lot about a person when they feel comfortable enough to do that… strange, I know. Discovered our mutual love of coffee… we probably went through 4 or 5 french presses! At one point, my neck started to bother me and he offered to give me a neck rub – of course I let him (hell-ooo, have we met? LOL) – and it was great. At one point, we looked at each other and he said that we’d have to end brunch soon since he had to catch a train back to NY – he had to go into work when he got back. I asked him when his train was and he said 3… it was 5 mins til. Yeah, he didn’t catch that one. We stayed there until 4 (another great thing about the restaurant – they seemed to genuinely enjoy our company and didn’t really want to see us leave), he offered to walk me to my car. When we got there, we talked for a while longer, then he made his move. Now, keep in mind that other than the neck rub, he hadn’t tried ANYTHING. For a second there after the neck rub, I thought he might try to kiss me, but I thought I’d read it wrong b/c he didn’t do it. (I wasn’t averse at all, hee!) So while we’re standing on a street in Georgetown, beside my car, he did it. It was nice. Very nice. Nice enough to do it a few more times. 🙂 Nice enough to make my legs buckle a bit… I’m just sayin’. We both said over and over that we had to do this again – and this time not let 4 months pass first.

I think that I deserved a nice date after the last one. Ebony, I may need to take you up on that offer of going up to NYC when you do. 🙂 We’ll see when he next calls… must remember the whole "boy-time" thing. He did mention calling on my birthday, though… but I think that’s b/c he wants to be the topic of conversation again. LOL. 😀