I should never have to tell a GROWN WOMAN
to take her feet off of a table in a public place. I mean, where was
she freakin’ raised? A barn? (I mean, I remember my mama slapping my
legs whenever I did that – at
home. She would have busted my ass if I had ever done that in public.
Or if I had behaved how the person in question did on Father’s Day with
the freakin’ pickles.) I don’t care if she dances on her tables at home
(not a visual I really wanted), but it is common sense and courtesy to
not put your feet on a table in a public place. Granted, where I work
it’s common for someone to show off the sock they’re knitting by
putting their foot in the CLEAN sock and placing it on the table for
30-45 seconds… but that’s it. At least she had the common courtesy to
remove her shoes and move the books that were on the table. I should be
thankful for small miracles, right? Or something. 

So, in that vein, I believe that I’m going to create a list of DOs
and DON’Ts on how to behave… who knows, it may get sent anonymously
to the person in question… or it may just make me feel better. Anyone
want to join in? *evil grin*