Well, at least the male part of the world, anyway. I discovered this last night while on my way to see Phyl and Rita Rocks. I was running a little late – which is usual for me – when I realized that I needed gas and something to drink. So I stop, fill up the tank, grab a soda, and then spy the tootsie pops by the register. I hadn’t had one in years, so I got one. Traffic was somewhat heavy heading towards the Beltway and I noticed that I seemed to be the only one that cars were yielding for. I looked up at the SUV that had just let me in, and sure enough, it had two guys in there staring at me with goofy grins on their faces. I noticed that while stopped at a couple stoplights too. Then I realized why. They were watching me enjoy the lollypop. Can we say that I felt dirty? But not dirty enough to stop and not use their dumbfoundedness (is that even a word?) to my advantage… I made some damn good time getting to Herndon for the gig. LOL.

The gig was good – Erin and her hubby, PJ, came out to hang with us. Much discussion was had about Brokeback #1 and Brokeback #2, what to say when a guy comes out and says that he’s an asshole to start conversation (which would be "so would that mean that you’re a bottom?" – courtesy of PJ), what to do when said asshole starts trying to get you to go out and dance with him – say no, it’s the safest thing… no matter how hot he is, how the second band really should have been the opening act even though the drummer was some kinda hot. (They did do one of my all time fave Bon Jovi songs, though, and it was damn funny to hear the male lead singer sing Kelly Clarkson’s "Since U Been Gone".) Also, I learned that hats were back in style – and I look good in them. And that Brokeback #1 can pull off wearing a girl’s hair clip on the brim of his cowboy hat… while ignoring the girl who put it there. (That was just sad.)

The dating front has been pretty non-existent of late. Granted, I’ve been getting all these messages on MySpace from guys who have seen my page and "wanna get wit u 4 sum fun." I don’t even answer. I do keep all the messages in case I ever bother to create a blog post around them… especially the "knight in shinning armor" one. (Yes, that does say "shinning", not shining.) One of these days. It would be quite funny…