I made Law & Order: Special Stalkers Unit! Okay, so maybe there isn’t really a Law & Order for that, but there would have been had Dani not restrained me tonight… Do I have your interest? Go, click on the link: read, laugh, then come back. I’ll wait. 🙂

Yup, Dani had to physically restrain me when we came up from the Metro on our way back to the car. I’m sure that we caused a scene because Dani was hanging off of my purse and practice jersey telling me how she was not going to watch me get arrested for mugging my futurebabydaddy‘s jersey off of a little old woman. 😦 However, I don’t think the woman had any clue that we were talking about her. LOL! I’ll just have to get my own babydaddy jersey for next season. That’s all.

My boys rocked tonight! We beat the Thrashers 6-4 in our last home game of the season. What made tonight even more fun was that even though we had nosebleed seats they were charging out the ass for (even though the nice lady at the box office gave us a student discount for them), we were sitting directly across from and above Phyl-Phyl and The Husband. Phyl called me to try and find out where we were (I heard The Husband say "They’re in section 400. I see her.") and while we were on the phone, the Caps got not just one, but TWO goals! Dani thinks that we should have just stayed on the phone for the entire time and we would have had a bigger point lead, lol.

On the update front: I heard from DJ a few nights after our date. I was bad and didn’t call him back immediately. I think he got the message, as he didn’t call me back after I left a message. Not a loss there. I was bad, however… I ran into E at a Rita Rocks gig a couple of Fridays ago. (Actually, the day after the date. So sue me.) Well, one thing led to another and we left together. Let’s just say that lots of fun was had. 😉

Okay, so opinions are needed… I talked to my friend Mo (who lives in San Diego) the other morning. After me cussing him out for calling so early, he started to tell me about this girl he was interested in and how he thought he ruined everything by something he said. (Because when Mo needs to say something, there’s just no stopping him.) I asked him what he said and it was along the lines of telling her that she needed to go to the gym and "tone up". He didn’t seem to think that there was a nicer way of putting it – and didn’t understand why I was angry with him and told him that it would serve him right if she didn’t speak to him again because I certainly wouldn’t. I told him that I was angry with him on behalf of all women. Then I hung up on him. LOL. I talked to him this morning (he has a habit of calling when I’m sleeping in on Mondays) and he was giving me the update on the situation. He still didn’t understand what I found so wrong with what he said as he was just being honest. I told him that I felt that was extremely shalow and if he couldn’t see past that, then if I were her, I’d consider him shallow and wouldn’t want to speak to him. Well, anyways, he tells me that they talked and things seemed okay – apparently they hung out last weekend and she started hitting on him. He didn’t respond b/c he just didn’t find her body attractive. She got upset that he didn’t respond. He didn’t understand why. So really, after all that, my question is: am I right in thinking that he’s being extremely shallow? How do I explain that more plainly? (I’ve known him since I was 12 – I’m not afraid of pissing him off. Hell, I hang up on him all the time! LOL) And what is up with this chick? She’s hitting on someone who has told her that he’s not attracted to the body she’s in and, therefore, can’t be attracted to anything else about her? Has she no self-esteem?