So, the weekend was a good one for me. I know, you were all just waiting with baited breath to hear that one, right? LOL.

Friday night I headed out to see Rita Rocks play at Oasis on the Occoquan. Not a bad venue – it just got so damn hot inside! (Note to self: remember to not wear jeans and heels next time… I was almost too overdressed.) While I was taking a break from dancing, I noticed the DJ who was covering the band’s breaks checking me out. So I started to flirt, naturally. We ended up talking all night – when I wasn’t out on the dancefloor, that is – and eventually he mentioned that he should give me his digits… so I one-upped him. During a break, I wrote my number down on a piece of paper and held it while I was talking to him. When I was leaving to head out on the dancefloor again, I slipped it to him and didn’t look back. Very slick. I have never been that cool, lol. I caught his eye while I was dancing and he had a huge smile on his face. When I got back, he gave me his and I stuck the paper in my cellphone, saying that I didn’t want to lose it. He mentioned that it would be okay if I did b/c he was definitely going to call me. I ended up staying through most of the third set b/c of this guy, ignoring the fact that I was teaching two classes the next day. LOL.

Saturday night I met Ann and her fiance, JT, to play poker with a group of their friends & acquaintances. I wasn’t really in the mood to play, since I had only gotten 4.5 hours of sleep the night before, but I figured that if I wasn’t having a good time I’d leave early. I didn’t leave until 1.15 or so… but I’m getting ahead of myself, but not by much. So I get there after driving around DC for-freakin-ever trying to find a parking space and was immediately greeted by Ann, who told me that I should play at the front table as the single guys were all at that one. LOL! (I still haven’t figured out exactly who was single at that table, save one.) So, I sit down and start to play, apologizing for my probably rusty poker skills. One thing I always notice when I’m playing with guys I haven’t played with before is that they tend to underestimate me. So, I play that up for a hand or two, then go in for the kill. Which definitely got me points with the guys at the table – especially when they noticed I wasn’t taking any shit they were dishing. So the guy I’m sitting next to starts to talk to me and we hit it off… He was wearing a shirt that said "I rock Catholic girls" and I mentioned that I went to a Catholic school when I was younger – which earned me the nickname "Catholic". So we bantered back and forth all night  – and I kept threatening him b/c he kept taking my money. He was nice and v.v. funny. Hee! So by the end of the night, I was the last woman standing at the table (both tables eventually ended up combining to one b/c so many people left after losing their money) and lost the last of my money on a spectacularly bad hand – next time, I’m getting plenty of rest before playing – and as I got up to leave, he asked for my email… the problem with this guy (b/c you know they all have something wrong with them)? He lives in NYC. We’ll see if I hear from him – if not, I’ll run into him at one of these poker nights eventually.

So, I’ve heard back from DJ (his name begins with a J, but it’ll just be easier to identify him this way, lol) – I’m not quite sure about him, and I’m not sure why. He definitely wants to get together sometime this week or next… When I was talking to him, I just got this vibe that was off. Does that make sense? It’s not like it was a "don’t go out with this guy" vibe, it was just a "tread carefully" vibe. I get the feeling that he’s younger than me and that may be what’s giving me that vibe. Who knows? I’ll give it a shot. Besides, he’s cute!

Speaking of hearing back from people, I heard from B. The thing about him is, while he may be socially inept when it comes to women, he’s not a totally bad guy. I’m just sayin’. So anyways, I ran into (almost literally) his double on Friday night – so I sent him an email telling him so. To which he responded – rather quickly. I just sometimes don’t get him… He tells me he misses "my smiling face" and that with him, I know I’ll see him soon. All I had to say to that was: "huh? I do?" I’m not quite sure I understand him… and one of these days I’ll stop trying. I’ve been friends with him for many years, if I don’t understand him by now, I never will, right?

So today I decided to treat myself to a day of beauty… next time I do that, will someone please remind me to start the day early? But I deserved it, damnit! I went to Circe and had their Face & Body Experience… oh my gawd, it was fucking fabulous!!! I’ve never had a facial before, so that was a new experience… I’ve come to the conclusion that lavender is a wonderful scent b/c I choose it every time I have a spa service there and it helps me breathe. Steam, however, is not my friend when it comes to breathing. Steam is, however, a friend to my pores… so really, it’s a catch-22. I was practically comatose by the end of it all – and my skin glows. I don’t remember the last time my skin looked this good. LOL. I now want a massage – I want my back to feel as good as my face and neck do. Maybe in a couple of weeks.