I hate feeling sick. I haven’t been at 100% since I got back from California – I’m not blaming B for that, though. I think that my body is finally rebelling and telling me that I need to slow down. However, my body needs to shut up as I cannot slow down any time soon. (Of course, that would also mean that I am actually admitting that I’m sick – and that just cannot be. Only one sick person at a time at work.) Why not go to a doctor, you might ask? No health insurance. (Don’t ask. I don’t need to get all mad right now either.) I’m really wishing that Steph was a nurse practioner right about now… I’m just sayin’.

Speaking of B… will someone please tell me why he called out of the blue last week? And why he’s starting the text message game again? And why I didn’t tell him to go fuck himself? I answered his text, we’ll see what he does with that. I kept the conversation light last week – apparently he was on a different trip than I was, but that’s another story. LOL.

Someone just shoot me!