Apparently, I’m not feeling well. While that technically
isn’t a lie, I didn’t say it… and the person who did had no clue that
I had a migraine/freak out last night. *le sigh* I’m thinking that the
person just didn’t want to see me today. Can we say that I’m tired of
drama?? *taking deep breaths* I’m just trying to remember, in a few
weeks (4 to be exact) I’ll be in LA, spending some time with B – and
the mobile will be OFF. Any calls from work can wait until I get back
on Tuesday. Period.

Today’s post thanks to the wine Carol
gifted me ages ago…. that’s some good shit, yo. LOL! I started off
with half a bottle in the fridge and, of course, had to finish the rest
of it tonight. Hee!