So with all the texting we’ve been doing in the last week, B and I were finally able to agree on a date for a… date. We met up last night – and for once I was early. (Those who know me well know that when it comes to work, I run early. Way early. Annoyingly early. When it comes to my personal life, I tend to run late. For me, early would be getting somewhere on time. lol. However, in this case, early actually meant early – a first!) B took me to Portner’s for dinner, which was fab! We split a bottle of wine – also fab… If you’re a fan of Shiraz, try the Rosemount Estates Diamond Label one. Yum. And I’m not a big fan of the red wines. We drove around for a bit afterwards, ended up getting some beer (because I’m just so classy like that) and heading back to the hotel he was staying in. (Yes C, there was both SMTH and SMPlus going on… Just thought you’d want to know. Hee!) Anyways… to backtrack to before the return to the hotel – B couldn’t have been more of a sweet, kind, thoughtful person all evening. From the simple gesture of opening doors for me (always a way to win points with me – gallantry goes far in my book) to making conversation with our waitress about how to say things in Quechua. It was nice. It’s been a long time since I’ve been out with a guy like that.

So how do I feel now that it’s the next day? I’m not sure. I like him, surely, but he’s leaving in a few days to go back to LA. We’ll have to see how it all goes. Until we decide what’s going on (if anything), I’m going to still consider myself a free agent. Which is good, as I’ve met another guy who interests me. (I sound so bad writing that.) I blame those Rita Rocks shows – as that’s where I’ve met this one… and he’s declared himself a groupie of the band. 🙂 (Phyl, see what those shows do to me?? Hee!) D2 (as there is already a D) is cute, nice, not afraid to make an ass of himself on the dancefloor (not that he’s a bad dancer) – and best of all, called me "tiny"! Of course, he was talking about my height – I only come up to his nose in bare feet. But he still called me tiny and that wins major points. I ended up talking to and dancing with him for most of the night – he’s good to talk to. I basically got his entire story by the end of the night. lol. No digits were exchanged, but we will surely see each other at the next show.

Other stuff to update on? I can’t remember. Christmas was uneventful, which in my house is a good thing – so far my mother and I have gone two major holidays without a huge blowup… I believe that could be a record. Gifts were given, gifts were received… My boss ended up giving me the same pressie that I received from C a few weeks ago: a gift box from Aveda containing their Carribean Therapy set. It’s all good though. I love that scent. Apparently everyone I know seems to think I need some at-home pampering. New Years plans? None to speak of. I was going to try to hang out with my friend Chelsea, however, I was a bad friend and didn’t email her back. I finally did yesterday and proclaimed myself the loser friend of the universe and asked if she was still free… I totally understand if she found someone else to hang with – it did take me almost 2 weeks to respond… because I TOTALLY suck. So, right now, I’m probably going to hang at home. I know, exciting, no?