I’m just not ready. Who do I need to talk to about this? For once I’ve gotten almost all of my shopping done – the important people – family and friends I will see on Christmas Eve/Day – are done, everyone else will just have to wait until the New Year. The tree was brought out (yes, I have an artificial one – hey, I can’t keep a plant alive, I can’t be expected to keep a tree alive) and assembled today. Decorating? Well, that’s another story. Usually, I am very into the whole Christmas season. I’m the girl who starts singing Christmas carols right after Thanksgiving and the holiday movies are generally on constant rotation throughout the holiday… and I’m the one who actually tries to stay up for all 24 hours of the A Christmas Story marathon on  TBS (and yes, I know every damn word, lol.)… but this year, I’m just not feeling it. Not at all. Which worries me. The only Christmas CD that I’ve been playing is the Mr.Hankey’s Christmas Classics one from South Park. Which, as you may know, is probably the most irreverent Christmas CD ever. Which has matched my mood. Generally, by this time, I’ve at least started my Christmas baking and am frantically planning the last minute trips to the mall to get the gifts I may have forgotten. Christmas shopping , for me, has always been an enjoyable experience – and one I generally come out MUCH poorer from. I subscribe to the shopping plan of "one present for them, one present for me." This year, no. I went in, did my shopping and left. That’s a first. *sigh* I know, I should just suck it up and deal – I’ll catch up with the Christmas spirit – it’s just slightly worrisome to me that I have taken no pleasure from Christmas this year. I’ll get over it eventually. I just wish it were sooner than later.

On the guy front, B and I have been exchanging emails all week last week. He’s flying in Tuesday or Wednesday and we’re supposed to get together on either Wednesday or Thursday. We’ll see what happens. I will say that I get a bit nervous giddy when I think about seeing him… that’s definitely a good sign. Maybe he’ll be the one to help get me in the Christmas spirit. 😉 He has mentioned that he’d like to see where I work, as I’ve talked about it a bit… we’ll have to see about that as well. He knows that I knit (that’s kind of hard to miss as my two email addresses both begin with variations on the word "knitgirl") and has said that he’d like to see something that I’ve made (note to self: must find where I’ve put that really cute sweater…). So, he’s already started off with some major brownie points. Of course, I look and feel like utter and complete crap. Maybe I’ll feel better later in the week. I certainly hope I do. He’s not gonna find a sneezing, sniffling, red nosed woman attractive at all. LOL.