Tell me, why is it that the CVS around the corner from my house has all sorts of OTC cold/allergy meds on their shelves and they have the condoms/other "family planning" items under lock and key? I noticed this last night while picking up a small truckload of meds to feel better, as I quite dislike feeling like shit. lol. I’ve noticed that in the various CVS and Target stores in the area that 90% of all allergy meds are now behind the pharmacy counter. I understand this logic (as annoying to me as it may be). But to keep condoms and the like away from people? Under lock and key? That is freakin’ ridiculous. (Of course, that might explain why the neighbors’ teen got knocked up. No access to preventative measures. And stupidity. Hmmm… Maybe CVS needs an object lesson?)

Just wanted to put that out there… Any opinions?