You know "the List" – everyone has one. If they say they don’t, they’re lying. lol. When I was out drinking with my friends (listening to an awesome band) on Saturday, conversation turned to the List. You know, the list of people you’d like to sleep with before you die. (The very cute bartender’s heavy hand in pouring the drinks could have had something to do with this… Of course the top I was wearing could have helped the very cute bartender’s hand become heavy while making the drinks…) We all started enumerating the ones we had succeeded in or still wished to – much to the embarrassment of the gathered significant others – or in my case, former significant other (an ex had decided to join us at the bar). ::evil grin:: We then found that we had to explain the List to a befuddled-looking guy.

The List goes something like this: when most girls go through their "sexually-freeing" time (we proper ladies don’t want to say the phrase "slut period", lmao), a list of the people we most want to sleep with is made. The list is never written on paper, it’s just there. All women know about this list – and get a few of us drunk enough to start talking about it, many men have been known to blush. Hehe. So, I’ve decided to commit part of the list to "paper" – or the internet. (I’m sure someone else has done this by now, but hey, I’m going to as well.) What I’m listing is a compilation of many Lists heard over the years in no particular order… my own included. I am not, however, going to list a) which ones are mine or b) which ones have been completed. šŸ™‚

  1. Military – Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, National Guard, Coast Guard (do Reservists count on their own or as a member of the aforementioned services?) Bonus to those who can say yes to all.
  2. Musicians
  3. Police Officers (Bonuses if squad cars, uniforms or jail were involved)
  4. Firefighters (Hey, we’ve all seen that episode of Sex & the City with Samantha and that firefighter…)
  5. Doctors
  6. Lawyers
  7. Professional Atheletes (Bonus to those who have multiple sports "under their belt")
  8. Brothers
  9. Roommates
  10. Artists
  11. Political Figures
  12. Father and son (Note: soooo not at the same time! Ewww)
  13. Teachers/Professors/Instructors
  14. Actors (Bonus if they’ve actually been seen in something well known)
  15. Religious figures (Again, the reference to Sex & the City… Charlotte and the Rabbi…)
  16. Carpenter, plumber or other handyman-type person (Bonus if you’ve purposely broken something just to have them come in and "fix" it)
  17. Best Friends. (either those who are best friends with each other OR YOUR actual
    best friend.) – contributed by Lara
  18. Bandmates – contributed by Kel
  19. Personal Trainers – contributed by Phyl

  20. Cab/limo/bus driver
    contributed by Phyl

  21. Auto Mechanic
    contributed by Phyl (Note: Would this one fall under the "fixing things" umbrella?)

  22. Co-worker ("how did we miss that one?" I have no idea, Phyl… maybe it’s b/c we don’t work with men?) – contributed by Phyl

  23. Next-door neighbor
    contributed by Phyl

  24. Wedding party (you know the drunk bridesmaid hooks up with the best man thing.)
    contributed by Phyl
  25. DJ – contributed by anonymous
  26. Book author contributed by anonymous
  27. Entrepreneur contributed by anonymous

There are definitely more, but I am just a bit brain-dead right now. I’ll add to the List as I think of it. If anyone out there has something to contribute to the List, leave it in the comments and I’ll add it in as I see them. šŸ˜‰ I know that there were a few more that we came up with – we did seem to go on about it for quite a while… of course that could have been the alcohol, hehe.

ETA (10/3/05): I’ll be adding to this list occasionally, when I receive some things to add… I’ll put the new additions in Red and attribute them to the person who contributed them. A la Lucky Spinster, I am going to figure out a way to keep moving this post up to keep it current. šŸ™‚

ETA (10/11/05): Wow, the response to this has been good! Keep the suggestions coming… I love that the List is getting so long! šŸ™‚