Okay, so all of you who actually know me know that I LIVE in jeans and t-shirts. Yes, I will throw on a cute sweater or pair of heels occasionally and wear makeup frequently, but for the most part, I’m a casual girl. (Do not read "casual" as "outdoorsy" because I SO am not. But that’s another story… I can just hear a few of my exes snorting at the idea of me being outdoorsy! Hee!) It’s not that I don’t like being a girly-girl, because I do. By my own admission, I’m just lazy. The idea of getting up early just to blowdry my hair and get all dressed up is, well, just laughable. (Again, those who know me know that I am NOT a morning person.) So, I frequently just pull my wet hair back in a ponytail or messy bun and throw on whatever clothes are clean. I don’t wear skirts often for a couple reasons: I move around A LOT at work (I’m frequently climbing on ladders and chairs) and the fact that I have to wear tights when in skirts. (No, I wasn’t raised that way, but my thighs are not the small, willowy things that others have… not that I’ve received any complaints on them from the opposite sex… was that all too much info?)

That being said, I went shopping on Monday with one goal in mind… buying a skirt or two. Why? I’ve been seeing way too many cute skirts in the stores and on my friends. Maybe I should give the skirt a try again. So I get one that I love. I decide to wear it to work on Tuesday. I pair it with a cute hoodie and some fab boots, did my makeup and hair – people, I looked good. I do not say that often. Apparently, others thought that I looked good too… it seems as if everyone that I normally run into remarked on the "new look." The parking attendant where I generally park told me that I looked "exceptionally beautiful", the baristas at Starbucks all did a double take and asked what the occasion was (the cute barista boy even paid more attention to me), customers all asked what was going on… While I was flattered by all the attention, I felt like I must look like some kind of scrub every day if I’m getting this kind of reaction.

Wednesday and today: I dress as I normally would, but keep the makeup. Everyone seems a bit disappointed. 😦 Which led me to this conclusion: I am shopping for more skirts and boots, damnit! I look cute = I get more attention = I can possibly get free shit! Free shit, people! Or at least better service in restaurants. I’m not picky. Really.