LOL! I just checked my stats (as I occasionally do for both blogs) and saw that 31 other people have viewed this little blog. Awww… I feel special!

After a hell of a month last month (and the interesting start to this one), I decided that since I finally got paid, a bit of retail therapy was in order. πŸ™‚ The thing about retail therapy is that sometimes you don’t even need to do a hell of a lot of shopping yourself to achieve that sense of zen. I went shopping with my best friend (of way too many years to admit to here) for some clothing to accomodate her growing belly – due to her pregnancy, of course – and while I only walked out with a $25 bottle of facial cleanser*, I was feeling much more centered… and she was feeling much poorer, lmao! I’m thinking that the retail therapy may not be over… the manis and pedis that were on the menu for tonight have been pushed back to tomorrow – and with the holiday weekend coming up, well, I’m thinking that something major should happen. Maybe I’ll finally get around to getting down to JinxProof and getting that tat I’ve been talking about? Hmmm… We will just have to see. Actually, I know what I’d like to do – my beloved Caps are playing the Rangers on Monday at the MCI Center and I definitely want to go see them! However, I do not go to things like this alone. (See post below for questions, lol.) It’s an afternoon game… anyone want to go with me? Maybe I will go on my own – as I do love them so much – but it’d be so much more fun to go with friends. πŸ™‚

* Has anyone used Caudalie‘s foaming cleanser? I’ve heard some terrific buzz about it, however, I have yet to come across someone who’s actually used it. I went ahead and purchased it anyway, since I am in dire need of a facial cleanser – I used the last of mine this morning. If you’ve used it, leave me a comment… I want to know what you thought!