So, it’s been a busy weekend around here. I got an early start on the weekend by starting it on Thursday night to see Rita Rocks play at Whitlow‘s. (Shameless plug here: If you’re in the area and see they’re playing somewhere, you HAVE GOT to check them out! They are some kinda good.) The atmosphere was great, even if the majority of the men there were just out of diapers. I met up with friends, had a few beers, ended up staying until the bar almost closed… and even talked to a few men. πŸ˜‰ Actually, I was informed that my presence was requested by one particular man… Hehe. So, of course I had to show. We flirted for most of the night, did a little serious talking, and he went home with my number. Which is strange, b/c I just don’t give that out to anyone. LOL. That was followed up by phone calls from a friend at 1.30am, making sure that I went home alone. (Not that she would have minded if I didn’t. Hee hee. She’d probably applaud.) Apparently there was a bet that I didn’t… She knows me well. Maybe they all do. ::blush::

Friday night, my friend Mo guilted me into going out with him and visiting a couple bars. It was his last night in town before he moved to San Diego… so I can’t completely fault him in the guilt. But I did give (and am still giving) him a hard time about it. We went to Ragtime over by Arlington Courthouse first. The vibe was good, however, almost everyone there was about 21. Not a bad thing, but I hate feeling as if I’m one of the oldest people there. We ended up in the back room, chatted with one of his friends for a bit, then headed out to Front Page over by Ballston. That’s where the intestinal fortitude bit comes in. (See, the titles do make sense eventually!) A friend of ours bartends there, so I’m standing at the bar, chatting with him, when some drunk walks behind me and grabs my ass! So I turn around and am like, what the fuck? I see that in the ass grabbing process, he’s almost fallen down and is apologizing to me. I just tell him whatever and to not do that again. Apparently, in drunk-talk, that means "come on over and completely monopolize my time so no one else will talk to me." Grrrr… He introduced himself as Drew and kept saying "Happy New Year" and explaining that he’s a government contractor and it was the end of their fiscal year. All this I knew and told him. Then DrunkDrew continued to apologize for being so drunk and reintroduce himself about 5 more times all the while putting his hands all over me and trying to kiss me. He kept telling me that he really needed to talk to me outside… Ummm, no! Apparently the alcohol had completely killed some brain cells to think that I would do that. So I finally extract myself from him and join the group of people Mo is talking to. DrunkDrew just doesn’t get the hint… he keeps trying to come over and talk to me – I try everything, run and hide in the bathroom for a hew, ignoring, even being downright bitchy and nothing works. Then the guys around me (most of whom didn’t know me at all) started closing ranks and surrounding me to hide me from him. Even that didn’t work. DrunkDrew was certainly persistent, and that finally got him kicked out. When he left, I got a few people who were all amazed that I talked to him for as long as I did… Well, if you noticed that, why the fuck didn’t any of you help me?? On the way out to the car, Mo told me that he was impressed with my "incredible intestinal fortitude in dealing with a drunk with a major case of halitosis." LOL.

While we were there, we ran into people we went to high school with and one was throwing a party the next night and I got an invite. I’m promised that I’m going to know a ton of people there, but  I never go to things like that alone. It’s just not in my make up. I know that I’m an extrovert and all, however, I hate doing things alone. I know, I’m weird. So sue me. LOL. I decide to go, but I’m completely uncomfortable the whole time I’m there. I grab a drink, walk around the party, see one familiar face in the crowd, talk to him for a sec, then hang out down in the basement, watching a pretty good band jam for most of the night. So, the party’s a bust, but I was able to step out of my comfort zone for a bit, so that’s a good thing…

Sunday was just a day of rest – I knit, watched much TV, caught up on a few DVDs from Gilmore Girls season 4… I’ve been dying to get some time to watch this since I got the package on Tuesday. So, that’s the wrapup of the weekend. πŸ™‚ I caught up with a friend from Thursday night’s outing today, going over the finer details of Thursday and her weekend. It was pronounced that a good weekend was had by all. πŸ™‚

Now if I can just figure out how to move up a post… things will be good. If I can’t, I’ll just keep editing the post about "The List" – I’ve gotten a couple of good suggestions from friends. (If there are any others, email me or leave a comment… I want to hear what you think! LOL)