… your date says "this restaurant should be okay, I don’t think I’ve busted anyone in here." (I’m paraphrasing here.)

Went out with M this afternoon. It was fun. It was different. We ended up having a late lunch – the lateness partly (not totally) being due to his thinking of a place to go. This was the first time I’ve been to his new apartment, so I got to take a look around. He explained that his beat was basically his neighborhood – and he had busted quite a few people that worked in the various restaurants on the main drag. LOL. He said it was pretty uncomfortable walking into a restaurant and realizing he’d busted half of the wait staff on various charges. ::rolling eyes:: I can only imagine. We then ended up back at his place where we watched the rest of The Karate Kid. Gawd, I used to love Ralph Macchio. When I was about 12. šŸ˜‰

Anyways, back to the date. Like I said, it was different. I haven’t been on a date of any kind in almost 3 years, so it was like a new experience for me. M was nothing if not nice, just different from what I’ve been used to. You know, attentive and all. And attracted to me. No, we didn’t have sex, but Phyl, the bra and panty lecture you gave came in handy. LMAO! No, I won’t go into the gory details… all I will say is that it was fun, but different. I guess every new person is going to be different, though… right?

On the ride home, I started thinking about the guys I’ve dated. I’ve noticed a pattern… How sad is that? Apparently out of the last 5 guys, all of them seem to meet these criteria:

  1. Must be older (between 5-10 years) than me. (All but one meet this one.) Preferably prematurely greying. (I don’t know where that one came from but 3 out of the last 5 were. Does anyone have Anderson Cooper’s number? lol)
  2. Must live between 30 mins – 1 hour away from me. (WTF? Can’t I find someone any nearer to me??)
  3. Must be either current or former military. (Someone shoot me now. Please.)
  4. Must be between 5’9" and 5’11" tall. (Again, only one doesn’t meet this…)

If you or anyone you know meet these criteria, please give them my number… NOT! Maybe it’s like 12-step, accepting the problem is the first step. LOL.