Yup, it’s my first post here. I really started this blog as a way to vent other feelings that I just don’t feel comfortable expressing on my other blog. Yeah, I know… It’s my fucking blog and I should be able to say whatever the hell I want, right? Well, yes… and no. With the other blog, I know there are people who read it and come into the place I work and comment on it. (Really, there’s nothing weirder than having some stranger come in saying that they recognize you from your blog… especially when you don’t post a hell of a lot of pictures of yourself.) The other blog is mostly devoted to my craft/passion/job – and I just don’t want that to cross over into my personal life. I want this one to be devoted to the other passion: me. Not that I think anyone will read this or even care, but who knows? LOL. Stranger things have happened. So with all that, I will try to post semi-frequently… or at least somewhat regularly. ::rolling eyes:: Should anyone need to email me for anything (not that you will, lol) I can be reached at knitgirl at gmail dot com (obviously substituting the "at" and "dot" for the symbols – or just click on the link).